Corporate Gift Giving

Custom Tins webCorporate Gift Giving has become a major portion of most businesses marketing and retention program. A well managed program can help establish or build critical business relationships and assist in your employee morale and retention program. Most business gifts are given to current major clients, employees and on occasion prospective customers. Although these programs are usually built around the premise of building relationships, the gifts can also be used to thank long standing customers or recognizing an employee for a job well done.

As a critical component of a companies marketing strategy, gifts should not be considered incentives or part of any regulated program. Some studies have shown that companies that develop a gift program were twice as likely to increase their chances of being contacted by recipients compared to companies with no program. Staying on the top of your clients mind is the name of the game!

Make sure you do your homework and get the biggest “bang for your buck” with your program. Ask these questions – a) does the receiving company have any policies regarding receiving gifts and b) are there any restrictions on the value of the gift? Other points to keep in mind:

  • Don’t ever give a gift during the bidding process
  • Don’t give overly lavish gifts
  • The IRS allows companies to deduct business gifts valued at $75 or less, that might be a good amount to budget for your gifts (check with your CPA)
  • Make sure the gift is an appropriate gift for the business relationship
  • Don’t over-gift, keep it to specific times of year (maybe holidays, birthdays, anniversaries)
  • Consider personalizing the gift to reflect the recipients interest (hobby, special interest, team favorite)
  • Holiday gift giving is the most popular, however, you may also want to consider other special occasions so your gift isn’t lost in the shuffle
  • presentation is as important as the gift and a hand written enclosure card is very impressive and memorable.

Here are the top rated items for corporate gift giving:

  • Food items – can be enjoyed by an individual or shared with the office.
  • Liquor & wine – this can be tricky in the business world, be sure to know your recipient and their company policy.
  • Office related items – very practical.
  • Tickets to a sporting event or live entertainment – make sure you know your clients preferences.
  • Gift cards – not a very personalized gift.

In today’s business world, companies really need to make the lasting impressions with current customers, employees and potential new customers. Developing a corporate gift program is one of the best ways of maintaining that top of mind awareness. There are companies, such as Edibelles, that can handle all of your corporate gift needs, or you can add the task to a current employees responsibilities.

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