Hosting the Perfect Southern Party


The fear of a failed get-together is enough to scare many people away from ever hosting a party.  But if you know what to do, you may find that hosting a party isn’t as difficult or as stressful as you may have thought. At Edibelles, we know a thing or two about what it takes to pull off the perfect party! Here are a few tips on how to make sure your gathering runs smoothly;

  1. Don’t use a recipe for the first time

Make sure that you prepare something that you’re familiar with and can be made easily.  When choosing your menu, for any occasion, make sure that it is well balanced.  Variety is important since everyone has different taste and five different cheese dips can be very underwhelming.

  1. Review the Guest List

There is likely a core group of friends that you invite to small gatherings but for larger parties, the guest list may be a little trickier.  You want to make sure that no one feels left out while at the same time not including everyone you have ever met.

To assure a sufficiently inclusive guest list make a list of your potential guests and your relationship to them.  If anyone has invited you to a similar party you should certainly include them on the guest list as well.

  1. Don’t Over-Do It

It is easy to get carried away with decorations, food, drinks, entertainment, lighting and, again, the guest list.  To make things easier for yourself try to keep things to a minimum.  Too much of a good thing can create clutter and look overdone.

  1. Remember the Details

Things like food placement, music and lighting are vital to a good party.  Make sure that the food your serving is evenly dispersed around your entertaining space.  You may create a bottleneck if you place all of your food in one corner of the room.

Music and lighting are often over-looked, but they can set the mood for your party.  Match these aspects to fit the desired tone of your party.  Bluegrass and more lively lighting are great for a cookout while jazz music and dimmed lighting work well for a classy cocktail party.

  1. Serve Various Food and Drinks

There needs to be some kind of variety in the food and beverages you provide.  Even though you may love cheese dip and cold beer, your guests may want a mixed drink with a vegetable tray.

  1. Mingle with Your Guest

Keep in mind that as a host you should try to talk to everyone at the party and make them feel welcome.  You might feel as though you need to stick to the kitchen to fix food and clean up, but that is where thorough preparation come into play.

  1. Make Sure the Food and Drinks Coincide

Matching music and lighting for the desired tone of your gathering is just as important as matching your food and drinks.