July is National Picnic Month!

Elegant Gift photosPicnics are a favorite summertime celebration that date back to the middle of the 19th century. Picnics evolved from elaborate outdoor feasts – hunting feasts, country banquets and garden parties.¬†Originally, a fashionable social entertainment in which each person present contributed a share of the provisions; Now, a pleasure party including an excursion to some spot in the country where all partake of a repast out of doors. The change from everyone bringing food to everyone eating out of doors seems to have happened by the 1860’s. Today, picnics are favorite as impromptu, informal events with simple food.

An American picnic can include different trends such as: traditional foods served on a blanket in a park, fine cuisine celebrated by extended family members, a basket of gourmet specialties that is a bit more romantic in nature, a box lunch on the beach, crackers/cheese/grapes and wine at an outdoor concert or festival or even a family sharing  PB&J sandwiches at a rest area.

It is the spirit of the event that makes a picnic special – although good food certainly makes the event more enjoyable! Some favorite picnic foods include deli/sub style sandwiches, finger foods such as Edibelles Charming Cheddar Biscuits, fresh fruit, salads and delicious desserts including brownies, lemon squares and Edibelles bite-sized sweet treats. All of this food is often accompanied with chilled wine, champagne or soft drinks.

Whatever or wherever the picnic – just spending time with those people who are special to you in a beautiful outdoor setting make for summertime memories that will be cherished for years to come – ENJOY!!