Why Cookies Make the Perfect Gift

Thinking of the right gift for even the closest of friends and family can be a challenge. This task can be even more difficult for those with whom you are less acquainted. There is an easy answer for both scenarios. Cookies! Yes, these delicious, handheld treats can make a delightful present for just about anyone for any occasion. Baking might seem time consuming, but when compared with going out and searching shopping, can be very efficient.

When attending a party, cookies are a wonderful hostess gift that shows your gratitude for being invited. Additionally, they are all the more appropriate since they can be served during the festivities. For situations where polite convention requires you to give a gift to someone you don’t know well (perhaps a co-worker) cookies are a great option, as they are almost universally enjoyed and show more effort than, say, a gift certificate. Cookies can be great even for friends and family, especially in tough economic times.

In addition to being an easy gift, cookies can also be a very adaptable gift. As already mentioned, the variety can be chosen specifically for the person the cookies are intended for, or a mix may delight a fickle personality and is a best bet for a party gift. Further more, cookies are easily adapted to all major holidays. Usually cookie cutters can be found in themed shapes, but if not, colored frosting can be matched to colors associated with the holiday. Bringing cookies to a Super Bowl party? Consider football cut out shapes or decorating the cookies with the colors of your friends’ favored team. And, while some cookie types, such as chocolate chip, don’t usually have frosting or come in shapes, you might consider adding colored candies or something similar to the recipe. Plus, some holidays have a traditional cookie type, such as ginger bread at Christmas. Any of these ideas might be augmented to fit your own needs. If you want to bake cookies that don’t decorate well, you can show a little flair in the presentation. Line a basket with colored tissue paper or wrap a neatly arranged tray with cellophane or an attractive towel.

Cookie gifts, when well made, will impress the people you share them with. By being creative in the preparation, you can devise an inexpensive gift for any occasion and still show a high level of thoughtfulness. You’ll feel good not only for giving, but for having gotten your hands dirty and making something from scratch.
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